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Electrolysis is a safe, effective method of permanent hair removal recognized by the American Medical Association AMA and the Food and Drug Administration FDA, as the only method of permanent hair removal.

The term Electrolysis is used to refer to 3 slightly different methods of permanent hair removal. All of which use a wire type probe. These methods are:

  • Electrolysis - Direct current (DC) is used to create a chemical destruction by producing lye (sodium hydroxide), which destroys the hair cells.
  • Thermolysis - Alternation current is heat destruction concentrated mostly at the tip of the probe, which destroys the hair cells. A radio frequency is used to create this heat.
  • The Blend - is a combination action of both Direct Current (The Chemical Lye) and Alternation Current (Heat) at the same time, which creates a dual action destroying the hair cells.

In each of these methods a fine, sterile probe often is inserted alongside the hair in the follicle opening. A radio frequency is then applied to destroy the derma papilla and germ cells of each individual hair that control the development of that hair.

The Electrologist then slides the hair out of the follicle grasping it with sterilized forceps. Once these hair cells are destroyed completely the hair will not grow back from that follicle. The body will be unable to regenerate hair in that follicle.

When you remove the hair with tweezers you must then wait for it to grow back again before you can treat it. The normal growth cycle varies with each individual hair. This could take anywhere from one week to several months.

Size, shape, and density of the hair are also factors that affect the number of treatments.

A balance must be achieved in that the intensity of the heat used must be high enough to dislodge the hair from its follicle but not so high that it causes damage to the outside surface of the skin. WE want to ensure the safety of the skin.

Glandular and hormonal changes due to puberty, pregnancy, and menopause can also affect hair growth problems.

Emotional stress, changes in diet and body weight, heredity, disease, past surgeries and the use of drugs such as steroids, birth control pills, and many others can increase hair growth by coaxing hair follicles which have not been treated with electrolysis out of dormancy.

With all the talk about laser hair removal, why would I be interested in electrolysis?

Laser treatment is not effective for blond, red, white, gray, or fine hair. They say hair reduction. If someone tells you they have a laser which treats this type of hair, don't believe them. They are using some type of short wave electrolysis. Electrolysis is the still the only way to remove hair PERMANENTLY!


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